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Simple ingredients of only unbleached wheat flour, sea salt, and water. These noodles are quick and easy to prepare and when combined with sliced onions and vegetables and your favorite udon noodle soup base or soup stock make an excellent meal that’s healthy and fairly inexpensive.

The Ka-Me noodles aren’t quite traditional Japanese Udon with the noodles being thinner and less chewy but they’re still tasty and a more upscale alternative to ramen.


If you’re a regular at your local hibachi grill you’ll love these udon noodles but if you’re a hardcore udon aficionado you might want to go with a more traditional brand. Many people who’ve purchased these complain about the noodles being damaged during shipping and falling apart when they put them into their pot of hot water. This is pretty much the only complaint with those who receive whole noodles being satisfied with the taste, texture, and overall quality of the noodles.


The Shirakiku udon cup is one of the best instant noodle cups on the market and everyone love them. The noodles are vacuum packaged so don’t expect the usual dried noodle fare here. It comes with the noodles, base, vegetable flakes and bonito flakes (tuna). Low calorie and easy to prepare these make a great lunch or snack for busy office workers on the go.

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