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  1. Arie says:

    Man, you asked the right person. We usulaly made this all the times for any occasions. Especially my sister sister’s inlaw or my cousins. Here it is: Egg roll wrapper from the asian store. Buy the small round or square shape ones. Indgredients: *Glass noodles (thin strands of noodles made of either rice and flour or another kind made of mung beans) they come in small packs and bundle up into a big pack consist of 5 or 6 small ones.*meat (ground pork, chicken, or beef) whatever you prefer*sweet onions, depending on how much you make(yellow preferrably)*green scallions or cilantro (a bunch)*black pepper*soy sauce*garlic*salt for your tasteMethod: Soak the glass noodles in hot water for half an hour, drain and cut the noodles with scissor to make them manageable/short. Add all the ingredients together and let it sit about 15/20 minutes to blend the flavor. Scoop a Tbsp of the mixture and put it on the edge of the wrapper and wrap it up. Heat up your oil until hot and fry them up. Before you start wrapping a bunch up, test a couple first to make sure the seasoning is just right, if so go ahead and make more. Ooh, that’s not all there is to it, the way we eat it is with the sweet and hot sauce. If you can make that with it, you won’t go back to eating the regular egg roll. MM,MMM.

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