If you’re a regular at your local hibachi grill you’ll love these udon noodles but if you’re a hardcore udon aficionado you might want to go with a more traditional brand. Many people who’ve purchased these complain about the noodles being damaged during shipping and falling apart when they put them into their pot of hot water. This is pretty much the only complaint with those who receive whole noodles being satisfied with the taste, texture, and overall quality of the noodles.


One Response to Roland Organic Udon Noodle 30 Pack

  1. Akshay says:

    I was wondering what the olleyw paste was made out of. Pumpkins, I see. One Japanese restaurant that I frequent regularly uses a similar looking sauce in their salad. Hmmm..maybe it\’s kabocha after all. I am definitely gonna make this dish. So simple and healthy.As for coming to work late and looking at the mugging coworkers\’ eyes…been there before, hate the feeling and hate especially the little whispers from coworkers afterward.

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